Welcome Girls!

This site serves to give you an insight into the professional world of Social Escorts and also an understanding of me and my team who manages JohnnyEscorts.com. Probably one the the most professionally managed social escorts agency around. You will also read real testimonies from some of my girls, ex and current to have a better understand of what JohnnyEscorts.com is all about.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Johnny and I am born and bred in Singapore and used to be in the creative industry. Starting this agency was a no brainer after my first attempt. And it was all for a girl I met through mutual contacts. We hit off immediately and started to spend time together. After a while, she told me that she is actually with a social escort agency but they were not helping her much to get enough bookings to hit her targeted amount that she desperately needed. Being rather well apt with the computer, design and internet, I promised that I will try and help her out as an agent. In two weeks, she achieved her target and more!

From this one girl, I realized that I could help many others. My reasoning is simple: there are girls who need to do this and if they are not properly and professionally managed, it will be counter productive and a waste of time and resources. And soon after,
JohnnyEscorts.com came into existence. I formally registered a company, started the website and set an in-house studio and office. I wanted to keep everything in-house from day one so that I could maintain the confidentially of the escorts and keep it all contained, so that the management can be properly carried out and girls available timing can be fully maximized.

Real words from my girls:

"Johnny & his team are probably the nicest people you can ever hope to meet. And considering the industry, I would say that it actually turns out to be a very pleasant and welcome surprise!"
-- Eve, ex girl

"Amazing management, amazing clients who shows me the utmost respect to make me feel good about myself, and very consistent appointments! It's the best and I feel totally at peace with myself. Amazingly awesome!"
-- Kylie, current girl

"I was with other agencies before and the bookings weren't impressive and I felt the rates are too low for me. I am glad I google "Social Escorts Singapore" and found Johnny. Immediately everything got better and I solved my problem within 6 months! That was about 2 years back and now we are great friends!"
-- Charmaine, ex girl

From our initial conversation, you will know that I take my business very seriously. I will take the time to speak with you and answer any enquiries that you have- clearly and with the utmost due respect. I will explain the industry and what you may expect. I will understand your preferences and work accordingly to that and to your schedule. I will then invite you to my studio where you may see my in-house facilities and how we will manage you and help you active your targets. As I always tell all my girls, don't do it to pay bills. Do this to have enough to completely change your life. Several of my ex-girls are doing well and are in stable relationships with financial freedom from their own investments or small businesses. That, actually makes me a happy man :) To see that I can help girls in this industry and still feel good about it at the end of the day.

In my agency, I like to think that I don't just make arrangements. Once I have a good and clear understanding of you, your preferences, your schedule, your likes and dislikes and social habits, I can then match you with the clients who will appreciate you. If the matching is successful, everyone will have a good time and the time spent will be comfortable and rewarding. Once this is achieved, I will then have your confidence, my client's approval and satisfaction so that I may look forward to this continued business. It's a win-win situation and I aim for this, all the time.

We are who we are by what we do.

JohnnyEscorts.com gets fan mail and texts everyday for smooth and successful arrangements. And with a good team behind me, the site is well-rated and highly ranked to ensure that we get new clients everyday. You can look forward to a very engaging, rewarding and comfortable experience with us, and I ask you not to hesitate any further to call me for a private chat. Let me show you what we can do for you with no obligations at all.

Call +65 8161 4991

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What you can expect
1. Well-written profiles and professional non-revealing pictures
Well-written profile is utmost important as it will describe you well and attract the correct audience who will appreciate you for who you are. Accompanied with professional photos that do not reveal your identity, the message is complete. As such, all your bookings will be successful. I aim not to waste anyone's time and by having a good understanding of profiles and photos, I can say that I probably have the lowest rejection rate in the industry.

2. Professional Management
We will meet in the most secured and comfortable environment: in my studio. You will know my place of business and you will meet my team who does all the work in the shadows to make my site successful with consistent updates and smooth arrangements. And to ensure you look good and is well presented in site, we have our own in-house photographer, make-up artist and wardrobe assistant who will collectively help you with your image and styling.

3. Professional Matching
We will not just sent you to any appointment. All appointments are very carefully matched to ensure that you are meeting a genuine client who will appreciate you for who you are. In my opinion, it is senseless to match a party girl with a romantic at heart. One of you will be bored to tears and none will have a good experience from the arrangement! I'd rather take the time to understand you and the client to make the practical arrangement where the end result is a good and rewarding experience for all :)

4. Correct Pricing
Some agents says that offers are the best rate in the industry. But at what cost? Anything that is not priced correctly, being over or underpriced, will be let out of the market. We are all consumers and we understand value. I am always a student of consumer behavior and will move with the tide and change of the seasons. And if anything, I pride myself of having an intimate understanding that correct pricing and placement will ensure that you have consistent bookings and regular rewards. It makes sense. Anything overpriced will be left on the shelf and anything underpriced will lose its value so this is a very important factor that we have to decide together upon our meeting.

5. Mentoring Spirit
While we are in the business of making money, we are here as your mentors as well. My team and I are compassionate and understanding individuals, and will speak to you as a friend to understand you and be your support system. My team shares the vision with me that the entire purpose of doing what we do is to get you in and out as quickly as possible, bearing in mind that you need to feel comfortable as well. And when you are out of it all and have your life back on track, it's a goodbye with no further contact unless it's from you to say hi. And we will always say hey to that :)

Remember, all SMS texts and emails will only be seen by myself and I take all calls personally You will meet my team members and they are all understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance. We work collectively to ensure that you get bookings whenever you are available, so that you may see the light at the end of the tunnel quickly. And when you decide to stop, stop. No questions asked and no worries :) We are a responsive bunch. Meaning that if you don't react, we won't. But is you do, we will go all the way to make it all worthwhile :) Call me at 8161 4991 and let's talk.